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The department of Sociology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens offers a comprehensive undergraduate programme that combines theoretical and empirical orientations, covering a wide range of sub-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary issues.

The programme includes three types of courses:

  • 24 core courses that are mandatory.
  • 13 mandatory-elective courses offered by the department.
  • 3 elective courses from other departments (of the faculty or other faculties of the university).

The core courses for the academic year 2022-2023 are the following:

  1. Fundamental Issues of Sociological Theory and Social Research I
  2. Introduction to Social and Human Sciences
  3. Principles of Political Economy
  4. Introduction to Political Science
  5. Social and Political History of Europe (18th-21st centuries)
  6. Fundamental Issues of Sociological Theory and Social Research II
  7. Introduction to Political and Social Philosophy
  8. Methods and Techniques of Quantitative Research I
  9. Sociology in Greece
  10.  Social and Political History of Greece (18th-21st centuries)
  11.  History of Sociological Theories I
  12.  Economic Sociology
  13.  Political Sociology
  14.  History of Sociological Theories II
  15.  Sociology of Culture
  16.  Theories of Gender and Gender Discrimination
  17.  Epistemological and Philosophical Foundations of Sociology I
  18.  Theories of Social Reproduction
  19.  Social and Cultural Anthropology
  20.  Epistemological and Philosophical Foundations of Sociology II
  21.  Science, Technology, Society
  22.  Sociology of Law: Theoretical Premises and Research Techniques
  23.  Methods and Techniques of Quantitative Research II
  24.  Methods and Techniques of Qualitative Research

The mandatory-elective courses are distributed among 8 Thematic Units. Each student must choose at least three courses from a specific Thematic Unit.

The mandatory-elective courses offered during the academic year 2022-2023 are the following:

1st Thematic Unit: Economy and Society

  1. Economic Development and Stratification
  2. Sociology of Globalisation
  3. Sociology of Work
  4. Digital labour
  5. Sociology of Migration and Post-colonial Theories

2nd Thematic Unit: Science, Technology, Society

  1. Knowledge and Information Society
  2. Political Economy of the Internet. Specific Issues of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. Sociology of the Internet
  4. Social Theories of Scientific Knowledge
  5. Risk Society and Environment

3rd Thematic Unit: Politics and Society

  1. Political & Social Representation
  2. Social Movements
  3. State and Society
  4. Political Communication
  5. Theories of Democracy

4th Thematic Unit: Law and Society

  1. Critical Social Theory for Law, Democracy and Rights
  2. Social Inequalities and Law
  3. Sociology of Deviant Behaviour and Surveillance Technologies
  4. Biomedicine, Bioethics and Biopower

5th Thematic Unit: Culture

  1. Theory of Ideology
  2. Society, Media and Public Opinion
  3. Theory and Sociology of Art
  4. Sociology of Religion

6th Thematic Unit: Social Reproduction

  1. Sociology of Education
  2. Sociology of the Family
  3. Sociology of Health
  4. Sociology of Leisure and Tourism

7th Thematic Unit: Gender, Body and Sexuality

  1. Social Policies for Gender Equality
  2. Gender-based Violence
  3. Sociology of the Body
  4. Sexuality and Power

8th Thematic Unit: Social Anthropology

  1. Sociology of Emotions
  2. Anthropology, Performing Arts and Digital Technologies
  3. Performance and Contemporary Popular Music
  4. Ethnography and Cultural Mediation

Elective courses are offered from other departments of the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences, such as the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, the Department of Communication and Media Studies; and from other faculties, such as the Department of Law, the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, and the Department of Music Studies. The courses offered during the academic year 2022-2023 are the following:

  1. Comparative Social Policy
  2. Contemporary Political Theory
  3. Electoral Sociology
  4. Psycho-Sociology of the Media
  5. Sociology of the News
  6. Criminal Suppression – Penitentiary Law
  7. Gender and Sports
  8. Sociology of Sports
  9. Ethnographic Approaches of Performative Arts
  10.  Performance and Digital Technologies

Bachelor’s Dissertation

The students of the department have the option to prepare a Bachelor’s Dissertation during their 8th and last semester. For those who choose this option a Seminar for the Preparation of Dissertations is offered at the 8th semester.